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First time link Noobie questions


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Hello all and thank you in advance for replying,


(skip down to were i list parts and ask questions if you don't want my probably annoying background story)


I am about to build my 5th personal gaming rig(~25 computers in total for friends and family) and plan on it being my last for a good long while. I have read about 75% of the corsair link threads and have all ready got a lot of good info but still have some questions due to confusion or conflicts of solutions given to other posters. Last i am not going into this excepting to have zero issues with Link but, that's half the fun figuring out solutions plus never feels right when something just goes together with out a little fight. (i build engines as a day job and not all parts just bolt together)


This is a list of parts i am going to order that have to do with link.


Dominator Platinum 4x4gb 1600mhz, H100i, SP120hp x2(in conjunction with stock fans on H100i push/pull) , AF120qe x3, AF140qe, and Link Cooling&Lighting Kit


1. From list above am i missing any hardware to get things up and going?

(ie cables etc)


2. Can someone give me a basic hookup guide on best/preferred way to set the above listed up? (ie hook rad fans to pump then pump to cooling node then cooling node to command unit etc) Also no need to link the quick start guide i am pretty sure i can fig out how to hook up the case fans and lights to the nodes :P more worried about how to wire H100i and Ram to the link system.


3. Can i add more lights without buying another lighting kit?(not afraid to do some wiring on some non Corsair lights if need be) if no any idea how long till corsair will make the led strips available?


Big thank you again in advance. :)

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1. Airflow Pro for the Dominator Platinum memory modules. You'll need the Airflow PRO cable available from the Corsair webstore and a Airflow 2 fan (CMXAF2) to mount it.


2. You may get a H100i with FW 1.05 which currently has problems with detection on the LINK Kits, I think there's a software update that will address the detection issue. In the meantime, use the USB cable included with it until a fix is released.


As for the fans, just plug them in the splitter cable and your good to go. Note the stock H80i/H100i fans have different specs to the SP120HP fans.


There is a User manual included with the H100i, I'd suggest you read it first before installing the H100i.


3. Not sure when they will be available separately.

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Awesome Thank you Toast, guess i will skip on the blue light bars for the RAM since it will be covered by the Airflow pro, I have installed several H50, H60 etc in other builds but i will take your advice and give the H100i manual a good read over a cup of coffee before install, might even go one step further and set up the test bench before installing it in the case.
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