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CX500 Obnoxious Ticking sound


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Just got this on newegg.


It's quiet, it's quiet on load and on idle, there's no difference. but it makes a really obnoxious ticking sound.


I'm all up for opening up the PSU and lubing up the fan or doing what i have to do to fix it, but I'm afraid to void the warranty.


I'd rather avoid RMAing it. Not having a PSU for a while and all...


Or is this normal?

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At the end, there's like a chopping sound. It's pretty obvious, you sure you can't tell?


The PSU is quiet but the sound is really obnoxious. With 5 fans on full blast I can still make it out.


I jumpstarted my CX430. It seemed to make a similar sound, but not nearly as loud or obnoxiously. Like it was clearly quiet and you'd only hear some pinging if you put your ear right up to it. But this cx500 it's quite obvious.

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I wanted to make sure it wasn't the case causing the sound, like just how the case is and maybe interaction with the psu fan slot (ie intake fans being really l;oud because it's right up to the grill, etc).


It didn't change anything. But taking out the screws holding the psu to the case and moving around the psu seemed to change the sound a bit.


I know it voids the warranty to open up the psu, but you can remove the fan grill without voiding any warranty. Maybe the fan grill was why it was loud. It wasn't, but the fan grill is what holds the fan in place. Like the fan is just shaking around in there.


I believe my sound issues came from how the fan was held in, I moved it a bit more center and now the sound is gone.

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