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Open Hardware Monitor?


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Hi, Corsair! Your Link system is great, and a big improvement over the (competitor's product redacted ;):) USB fan controller I'm currently using. But have you considered adding support for reading Open Hardware Monitor sensor info?


OHM does a great job of reading almost all of the various motherboard-specific sensors, like all the Winbond, ITE, etc. chips used to report VRM, PCH, and other temperatures on all kinds of boards. It's free, open source, and widely used. And what's especially great for you, it publishes all its readings in the Windows WMI system, which I think your software is already using to get CPU temps and loads, so grabbing OHM stats as well would be trivial.


For example, with a watercooled CPU the VRMs can get pretty hot since they don't get the extra airflow from a CPU air cooler fan. It'd be great to be able to use the motherboard's VRM sensor to speed up the case fans when they get hot.


I know you're currently reading some sensors already yourselves, but handling all the different chips from all the boards is hugely complex, and it just seems like since it's already been done well, and you're already 90% of the way to leveraging that effort anyway, it'd be a waste to redo all that work. Using OHM would take a big load off your dev team, which I'm sure has more than enough work lined up already.


Anyway, thanks for a very cool system. Similar things have been tried before, but never so well integrated throughout so many pieces. And I'm tired of trying to read docs and forum posts in German. :confused:

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