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H100i might have new fans available. Questions.


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Darknight , it should be totally painless. They did the same thing with the original H100's. They set up a specific thread and had you follow the directions in that thread.


They aren't going to make you jump through hoops to get them replaced if that is what you mean.


-Means the fans won't be any type of fan corsair sells on the website. The current fans are a 3 type plug: RPM sensor & power and speed is controlled by voltage control.

For now! I would expect once they are released they will sell them as replacement parts just like any of the other fans

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Yeah, i really wouldn't expect any problems. I have used the RMA service twice over the years and it's been easy every time. But i always call so it can be taken care of in a few minutes instead of having to wait for email responses.


If you have to deal with something like this i would much rather deal with the CS team here than anywhere else. They really are a good bunch of people and will just about bend over backwards to get things taken care of in a timely manor.

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