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Few Questions about H80i and Link Software


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My H80i arrived today to replace my older H80 and so far i'm happy with it but got a few questions:



When the 2 fans are connected directly to the pump with the T-Connector they are automatically changing their speed depending on the temperature, does that work without the link software running and without having the USB cable connected at all?


Are Custom Profiles as well as the LED Settings saved in the Cooler/Pump and will work without the USB cable and Link Software?


I'm asking this because I want to setup the H80i to my needs from within a Windows Installation, either using the Profile Default, Performance or a Custom Profile but then I will actually boot into Linux so no more access to the Link Software or any kind of control through the USB cable. I still want the H80i to automatically adjust fan speeds.


If automatic fan speed adjustment or custom settings rely on the USB connection I might as well use my motherboards fan connections but I would really like to leave them on the Pump.


The Link Software is great but I kinda want the H80i to perform these tasks independent from any Software running.


Thanks in Advance

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The cooler will have a default setting when CL SW is not being used. The setting that users changes in the SW will only be saved in the software. Under Linux based system, the profile will be default setting which translates to Balance profile and the rest will depend on the coolant temp, fan's rpm that is. The profile will be similar to this, http://www.corsair.com/us/blog/understanding-the-hydro-series-h80-and-h100-cooling-performance-profiles
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