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What heatsink should I buy for a 939-mobo?


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The stock AMD HSF will do a good job at stock speeds. Many people OC a good amount with stock cooling too.


If you do want to overclock alot then get watercooling OR get one of those new heatpipe HSF from Cooler master (Hyper6) or the thermatake one, which I forget what its called.


Stock cooling will be fine. The A64 CPUs run very cool relative to intel.

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The sweet thing about it is that the older SLK thermalright coolers have had a massive fall in price, e.g from around 40 quid earlier this year to around 15 quid now, and those will totally destroy most other sinks for performance even now. The SLK series still is a great buy albeit the only drawback being weight.
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Thermalright XP-90 (120 will be better, if it fits)

Arctic Silver 5

Vantec 92mm Tornado, or 92mm Delta FF

a fan controller !! something which can deliver a decent wattage per channel to meet the high cfm needs


there, thats the best air cooling your guna get


if you wanna keep costs low, get the SLk-948U instead of XP-90.. keep all the rest the same

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