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hx650 bird sound, here we go again


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Hello Corsair support team


some months ago i purchased an hx650 and from the start it showed the "birdy" noise at random moments; i waited till the moment Corsair was able to solve the problem, now it seems the first group of defective products is gone and i can safely ask for an RMA; is that right?


Second point, is there a way to get the replacement before sending the defective product to RMA or at least at the same time?


Third point, from Italy shipping cost would be like 30% of what i paid for this product, any option about that?


I've always used Corsair products and would like to continue, but this noise is really getting on my nerves :(:


thanks in advance for your help

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry about that please use the link on the left and request an RMA then please post your case number and I will make sure you get a replacement that does not have that issue. Once we have your RMA conformation you can call our customer service by phone and request an Advanced RMA
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