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H100i and Link Commander


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Hello all


I'm trying to connect the h100i to the link commander using a link cable, but the link commander does not recognize the h100i.

-Already tried several cables.

-I have everything updated except the h100i because, we all know why.

-Running windows 7

-The h100i does not show on device manager.


Any idea why?


Do I need that USB driver?



PS: I have the h100i fans connected to the cooling node and that rattle noise is present, so my guess is that those fans are really not that god.

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Did you try to plug the H100i directly on the motherboard with the supplied USB cable ?


What is the firmware of your H100i ?


I have a similar issue with my H100i v1.0.5, my link commander doesn't recognize it and I think that could be the fault of this new firmware.


If your H100i has the same firmware than mine, then that could confirm my hypothesis.

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Here is the response I recieved from the Tech support :


"There are some issues connecting the H100i/80i to the Link Commander, and we are addressing those soon with an update to Link 2. Can you confirm the H100i works without connecting it to the Commander by connecting it directly to the USB header?"

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