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RMA Postage (SP2500)

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I have a set of SP2500 speakers which I have owned since April 2011. Just before Christmas I was unable to turn them on (which I believe is a common problem?) for over a week. When they finally did turn on again they was a loud bang and a strong smell of burning from both speakers when I tried to use them.


I have an outstanding RMA, but I have just been to the post office and have been quoted 2 prices - £75 and £105 for postage, as the nearest repair centre is in The Netherlands (I am in the UK) and obviously they are quite heavy.


I personally feel this is extortionate. Whilst I appreciate Corsair will be fixing for free, when I can buy a brand new set delivered for £180, why should I have to pay over half their value just to get them repaired when they are still under manufacturer's guarantee?


Is there anything that can be arranged?

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