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H80 not working


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I have a problem with a new Corsair H80.

When I boot up the computer I get a CPU Fan error, if the FAN cable coming out of the H80 is plugged to the CPUFAN1 socket on the motherboard. This happens about 9 out of ten times.


If I plug a fan to the CPUFAN1 socket and use some other socket for the cable coming out of the H80 unit I naturally don't get the fan error but the unit seems to be running on full speed and the noise generated by the fans is very loud.


There is also the problem with the light on the H80 unit which isn't working 99% of the time. When I start the computer in the morning the light usually works about 1min or so and then goes off. If I then reboot the computer the light usually stays off or might just give a quick flash just when the boot cycle starts. It doesn't seem to make any difference wether or not I plug the fan cable to the CPUFAN1 slot or any other slot on the MB.


I am pretty sure that the pump is running because the core temperatures presented by HWmonitor stay between 29-35C when running windows. I can't actually hear the pump running though, but thats because the whole thing sounds like a jet engine using afterburner.


So far I have tried the following things to fix these errors:

Using different fan slots on the MB (as mentioned above).

Changing the power cable

Trying the firmware reset procedure

Asking it kindly to work

Telling it to work

Begging it to work

Cursing it


Hiring an exorcist to root out the possible demons


So I would like to know if there are any other things I could try before RMA?


Also as this computer is used for actual work, I would like to know how long it usually takes to get a new unit from corsair. I'm based in europe.


The PSU is Corsair AX850(also brand new) and the MB Asus P9X79.

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