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H80i software problem


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Hi I own a Corsair H80i and originally I was running it with windows 8 and having major problems,problems such as corrupting portable harddrives,I had two portable harddrives go corrupt before I figured out it was the H80 linx software causing all the trouble.


When I plug a usb3 portable harddrive into one of my usb3 ports half the time the windows just won't pick the drive up and the odd time I get this message that the drive is corrupted,the drive basically gets deleted and acts like a raw drive,and the times windows does pick up the drive and when I go to saftely eject the drive I get this message ( the device is currently in use please close any programs or windows that might be using the device and try again)


Then I came across a couple of threads on these corsair forums saying that the H80i linx 2 software isn't compatible with windows 8,and someone posted a quick fix to get the drive ejected where I had to go into task manager and shut down the Sierra2.exe and then you can safely remove the harddrive,and yes that did do the trick I could safely remove the drive.


But doing this every time I want to plug in a portable usb3 harddrive is a bit of a drama so today I went and installed the old windows 7 again thinking all those problems would go away,and surely the linx 2 software would be compatible with windows 7.


I am very disappointed to find out that these problems are still happening with windows 7,everytime I plug a harddrive into my usb3 ports I get this message ( the device is currently in use please close any programs or windows that might be using the device and try again) and the only way to rectify it is to shut the Sierra2.exe in task manager,and a more permanent way is to uninstall the software completely from my pc.


Now I know there is not a single thing wrong with the rest of my pc because I was running a corsair H100 for over 6 months prior this this newer H80i,and the usb3 ports and everything else with my pc ran perfect.


These sought of problems shouldn't happen,they should be all ironed out before the product is released,I mean I can understand that maybe corsair is still working on the linx 2 trying to make it work with windows 8,but surely they can make it work with windows 7 by now.


Having two harddrives go corrupt within a week of using the linx2 software is bad enough,over 2TB of data I can't get back.


My main system parts are.


Asus Maximus 5 motherboard

i7 3770k cpu

16GB ram

corsair 1200w psu

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