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Question about RMA

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Hello, I just received an email stating that my RMA #5499714 has been shipped back to me today and I noticed that it says my part quantity under my RMA status is 1 and i'm wondering if that means 1 as in 1 kit of two sticks of ram or one as in just one stick because i sent in two sticks, not 1. I also have another RMA number of 5499505 and I haven't been able to check my status on that RMA at all. When i put in this RMA number and password, it just gives me a page with my info and at the bottom it says "Your RMA has already been processed and/or shipped. Please click here to start a new ticket instead of resubmitting this one." and I want to know why it wouldn't let me check the status for that RMA. I also wanted to know how can one tell whether they repaired my parts, replaced them, or just sent them back and rejected them? the RMA status pages doesn't really tell you much besides the fact that they received the item or shipped the item.
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