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CX 430 Fried in HTPC after installing new HDD


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Hello there,


As the title says, I installed a new 2tb WD Green drive in my rather cramped HTPC since I was out of space on my 1tb drive. After installing the drive, I swtiched the PSU on, and a few seconds later saw a bright spark and heard the telltale popping sound of bad things happening.


I highly doubt that the new HDD is the reason for the failure, because based on my specs I believe I was likely only to be drawing around 200 watts. However, I did not have enough SATA power connectors easily accessible to be able to plug in my new drive without using a molex to SATA adapter. I doubt it, but is there any way a bad adapter like this fried the PSU?


PSU was confirmed dead by the paperclip test and I'm returning it to amazon.com. I also ordered a CX500 to replace it (only $10 extra).


What are the chances that the rest of my hardware is toast? I hear it's pretty much down to luck, and it's most likely to be the motherboard that dies with the PSU if anything does. If any components are damaged does Corsair cover that in their warranty? Will it matter that I've already boxed up the dead PSU for shipping back to amazon.com?

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I doubt it, but is there any way a bad adapter like this fried the PSU?

Absolutly it could happen!. I'm not saying that this is the case in your situation.. But i have had cold cathode lights that came wired backwards and also a molex to three pin fan adapter that the hot and ground wires were backwards...POOF!


Thats not to say there wasn't something bad with that HD either. A bad motor or something else inside could very well short out. It's very rare that would happen.but it's still a possibility


But without the PSU there is just no way to tell. But the PSU SHOULD have prevented any damage to the MB if the overload protection kicked in like it was supposed to..

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Thanks for the info.


I dont think it was the adapter because I had been using it in another PC, however, those molex connectors could have been damaged in some way. Could have gotten messed up when unplugging it some time ago, they seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to how hard or easy they are to get off.


I also doubt the hard drive was at fault, I had been using it before in an external enclosure, but anything is possible I guess.


The next course of action is to test it with the new PSU (hopefully tomorrow, thank you Amazon Prime!). Yes, theoretically the PSU should've absorbed the voltage spike... I'm cautiously optimistic.

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In that case i doubt it was either of them too. You didn't state any prior use of either of them in your first post


Yeah, should've mentioned that earlier. You never know though.


Looks like everything is ok! Just connected the new PSU and all is well! Guess I was worried for nothing.

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