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Flash Voyager 256GB 2 problems


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With my windows 7 HP TouchSmart (don't know details on component info.) I found 2 problems. :confused: 1. When I have the flash drive connected to my computer it won't boot. 2. when I run the linux distro the drive is not even recognized as a drive or removable media. I want to use the drive as a bootable, portable linux drive. Do you have a driver that I can add to linux to make it recognize your drive. (when I got the drive it was sealed in a factory box. The box and the silver label both say 256GB not MB) I looked on your web site and could not find my product anywhere.:eek: Can some one please help? I attached a pic of the drive to this post. I used a web can to shoot the pic then remove the background. Tried to get a clear pic of the silver label but I did not work.


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