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veng 2000 cracked + stuck amber


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i am from holland My headphone,s cracked ( same as all the others posted on forum )


and its stuck in ember light



Went back to the shop to get a replacement ( they would not give me one they say i have droped it myself )

So i reinforced the broken parts whit metal and tape )


But ow its stuck in amber light


what did i do to make it happen ?


headphone started beeping * firts beep *

I plugged in the cable to carge it

as soon as i plugged the cable in ( no sound )

then i pressed and holded the powerbutten ( full ember


any way to get a rma ( while from holland ) cus they store wont take it


I love the sound and nice fit


and bough a wireless headpone cus i brake the cable everytime ( it make,s me cry this wireless headphone did not last any longer as cheaper wired one,s

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