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Memory doesn't work in 1600mhz mode (new system)


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System reboots as soon as it enters windows or when loading.

Updated to latest bios, reinstalled windows a couple of times. The reboots happen very rarely once I set my mobo to auto 1333mhz on ram.but still happen

If I set it to XMP or manually clock it to 1600 the reboots start very often

What should I do ? Are there any configs I shoud try?


Thank you!

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try this first...reset your BIOS or load set-up defaults first. Enable XMP but then manually adjust the DIMM voltage to 1.55v or even 1.6v if need be.


It sounds like a simple voltage adjustment, but if that fails, then you should test them with memtest to be sure you you don't have a failing module. Make sure you lad set-up defaults, and then boot to memtest. Let each stick run for three passes or until you get an error.


Rinse and repeat for the other stick!

Let us know how you make out!

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