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Wrong AX750 Cables


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Hi, I hope this is the right forum.


I recently ordered an AX750 from Amazon, and it arrived today. After putting it into my case, I noticed that the included cables don't match the connectors on the back of the AX750. After spending an hour on the issue, I can confirm that I have received the AX760 cable set.


Now my question is, do I RMA this unit back to Amazon and order an AX760, or do I contact Corsair Sales and try to figure out the problem? I'm in a bit of hurry and really need to finish this build by Friday. Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: I've just ordered a Sleeved Modular Cables Kit from Corsair, that should take care of this problem. Although, I'd still like to get a response.

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Just so I'm on the same page as you and understand this correctly...The PSU actually came with the wrong cables? You bought an AX750 that came with AX760i cables?


If thats the case then yes,please use the link on the left and request an RMA for the PSU and in the comments box let them know of the issue. But just so they are clear it may be best to contact them by phone. Either way they should send you the correct set.

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