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Chirping HX650


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Called you folks last week for a quick & painless RMA. I spoke on the phone with a tech (Gregg) and he said the issues had been resolved and that it was just a certain batch of HX650's that were causing this noise. Was able to get a free shipping return label and an advanced RMA so my server did not have any downtime. Quick 3 day shipping was nice too!


Sadly after about an hour sitting idle on the tech bench next to me, it starting with the chirping again. First very lightly, and quick. Now it sounds almost identical to my last one. This is the new "fixed batch" HX650. It is so random, so I could definitely see why QC missed this. I will give it a few days to see if I can deal with it, or if it fixes itself. If not I will start the process over again, which really was painless.


Goal of this rant/post: I just wanted to let you folks know you are still giving people faulty replacement HX650 power supplies.




i7-3820 | GB Windforce3 7950 | 1 SSD, 3 HDD's | 6xAF140's Running on a Fan Controller (Molex)

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Thank you RAM Guy! You folks have incredible customer service, I am very satisfied. I contacted them through email earlier today, it appears the next one they send me will indeed be a HX750. Much appreciated!


I stock a lot of your products on my store shelves, never heard any complaints from customers. Of course my luck being when I upgrade my PSU, I get a lemon :o:


Here is to many more years with Corsair,



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That shipped quick! Got my HX750 in today, was very excited to install it and be done with tearing my computer apart.


Sadly I am very unsatisfied with the way this power supply operates. My other techs thought I turned the dust blower on or was testing my video card fans at 100%. Nope, just playing Sleeping Dogs for 5 minutes.


Here is a video I just uploaded to show how loud this PSU is for me:



I have run a tech shop for 6+ years and have never heard a power supply this loud. The video doesn't do it justice. I was trying to get use to the PSU fan turning on every 3 minutes, spinning to 100% then slowing down. That was with it at idle. Flipped the PSU around and that noise then only came on every 10 or so minutes. Little later today I tried to see what this would sound like under load. About 45 seconds into Sleeping Dogs (Just walking out on the street), the fan spun up and stayed there. FC3 takes a little longer. Feels like it is blowing cool air out the back.


Is this fan noise normal?


Quick Spec: i7-3820 CPU & 7950 GPU @ Stock.

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