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Corsair Neutron GTX - Does it have any Power Loss Protection


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Hi, i'm looking into purchasing the 240GB Neutron GTX but was wondering if it has any form of power loss protection with the LAMD controller. I know there are a couple of drives out there with some form of buffer or super capacitor to protect the drive in an event of sudden power loss but cannot find anything in the specs of this drive.


Tried contacting customer service the other day but no reply as of yet so hope someone can help.



Many thanks in advance

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Customer service would not be able to answer that question, and I am not clear on what you are asking? But any data not saved to the HDD would be in RAM and of course would be lost, it would have nothing to do with the HDD or SSD.
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No, they dont. Or might not. Doesnt matter.

Please treat them carefully because they're not handling power issues.


I've just lost my Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB SSD because of a computer reset.

Was working fine, computer reset... and gone.

Unit is not anymore seen in BIOS.

Thanks Corsair! Been buying your products for about three years (had some Vengeance, now the Dominators) thought it was time to move for SSD's, trusted Corsair... anyway,


Be careful with yours. They seem veeeeeeeery 'delicate', if not...

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