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h100i (RPM, colors) doesnt work after pc starts


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Hey I set in corsair link my custom settings including colors in particular temperatures. It normally works, but when I turn on pc it doesnt work at all (colors, and RPM fans) till I first run Corsair link sw.

But when I check in options "Run at windows startup" it works normally, but sw open everytime when my pc starts, I dont want that either.

So where could be the problem?

Sorry if its duplicate thread, I couldnt find it here.


Im using firmware 1.0.4 (Ive seen that somebody uses 1.0.5 but I cant see any download link on support page).


Thanks in advance

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unfortunately you need the software to interface with the pump.


i'm pretty sure there's a start minimized somewhere in the options. That'll solve the whole obnoxious window every time you start windows.


The fans should be quiet though a few seconds after power on if i'm not mistaken though.

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