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tx750 v2 = cp - 9020042 - na?


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Ordered a tx750 v2 from neweeg.Received a tx750 from new egg.With no markings indicating it was a v2.In fact according to the box the cabling is configured the same as the original tx750.The atx and eps compliance specs are lower then then the v2.And other then a bump up to 80+ bronze certification it looks to be the same as a tx750.Unless they also improved the high noise/ripple the original had.


The sku # on the back of the box and what new egg has listed as a tx750 v2 are the same.Other retailer using the same number will come up with varying results.From a tx750m or tx750 or a v2 and even a 650 and more.


I'm just looking for some way to ID what I have with conformation either back to a retailer or corsair.For some reason I don't see corsair refering back to old compliance standards on the v2.But who knows.


Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for the response RAM GUY.Being this is only my eight build.I've yet to have a problem from delivery to boot up.I have been pretty lucky I guess.


My main concern was that if I ever did have to make a warranty claim.That the my paper work and actual product were two different things and thus void any warranty.Looks like I will have to start this build tomorrow or the next day when I find the time.


Thank you very much.

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The Parts number CP-9020042-XX is the 750TX version 2 PSU with updated fan controller and the updated ATX SPEC to ATX 2.3 so you should be good to go.


I was also starting to worry that I had received the wrong TX750 because it doesn't say "V2" anywhere on my box.


Thanks for clearing that up! :)



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