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Trim support/Intel RSTe confusion!


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Just upgraded my install of 1 single SSD to 1 single SSD + 2 x 1TB WDD 'raptors in RAID0. I am utterly confused from reading various forums about if the TRIM command is being passed on to my Corsair GT 240gb SSD.


I basically installed Windows 7 first of all with just the single SSD installed (setting BIOS to AHCI mode). After windows 7 installation, I installed Intel RSTe and then set the bios to RAID, plugged in my 2 x 1tb WDD drives, set them up in RAID0. Everything runs fine, the SSD is identified by Intel RSTe as a separate drive to my RAID0 configured HDD's. Trouble is there seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether TRIM is correctly passed on to the SSD. I have run the cmd check to see if trim is enabled and its recorded as 0 but is Intel RSTe passing on the trim? I dont have the SSD configured as a raid volume BUT it is being controlled by the Intel RSTe drivers? Can anyone clear the mists on this one????


My motherboard is an x79 Sabertooth if that helps.

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