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V2000 Chrome "bug"


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So everyone that has the V2000 might have already noticed that sometimes when nothing is playing you can hear a "shhhhhhhhhh" until something starts to play, if you don't know what i am talking about, try to open your video player and start a music or a video on it, then press pause, then you will hear a "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh" then turn off your headset then you will hear no more "shhhhhhhhh".


That happens because the S.O. drivers are saying to the hardware: "hey wait up, don't in stand-by yet, there's a music playing, the guy just pressed pause, he might want to continue listening to it, so do not turn off now, wait a bit".


This is pretty basic stuff btw, it happens all the time, with all kinds of software and hardware.


Although couple weeks ago i started to notice the "shhhhhhhhhh" wouldn't go away even if there was nothing playing, meaning that some program were telling the S.O. drivers to say to the hardware to not enter in stand-by mode. So i started to close every program until i discovered that Chrome was the one that was causing this.


Two things i why had to search for a fix and also decided to share here, first the "shhhhhhhhhhhh" thing was driving me crazy, second, speakers not entering in stand-by mode means the battery also isn't which is really bad cuz the effective endurance will be significantly lower than usual.


Fix: You just need to change one simple setting. On Windows 7 go to control panel -> audio -> find and double click your V2000 -> advanced -> UNCHECK "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device." -> Press OK. Done.


Just to clarify, i can only confirm this fix for CHROME, although other browsers or programs might or not have the exact same issue which could be or not be solved through this same procedure.


Falcon, out.

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