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Corsair Force 3 120gb firmware question


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To keep this thread short i simply want to know if it is possible to downgrade my drives firmware.Reason is when i purchased the drive it came with 5.02 firmware (just a note clean install of win 7 x64 sp1 ahci mode and latest motherboard drivers Z77 chipset including intel RST drive connected to intel sata 3 port) All benchmarks were spot on as advertized.AS SSD seq read about 196mb/s and 170mb/s write.After reading about trim not working correctly on 5.02 and in about a months use of the drive 90gb free space the AS SSD seq read remained the same but write had dropped down to 98mb/s,a secure erase using parted magic and re-installing everything from scratch again,AS SSD benchmark results were back to normal.As soon as firmware 5.03 was released i updated successfully to the new firmware as instructed and back to re-installing win 7 again,to my surprise the AS SSD read results remained the same but write had dropped down to 145mb/s No matter what i tried (secure erase re-install of win 7) the results remained the same for me that is quite a bit of a performance drop 30mb/s less in seq write.So is it possible to downgrade to any of the older firmwares released and if so how?
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