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PSU making clicking sound?[5555184]


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My TX750V2 makes a sort of clicking sound. I have previously looked for obstructions and I have cleaned it , but that didn't help. What I have noticed is that tapping the top of the PSU sharply stops the sound briefly.


I have submitted a support request from the website, but I didn't realise that the details I was entering were for an RMA. I have been granted the RMA as well ( very quickly too :P) [5555184

I bought the PSU from Amazon in September, so I can't even request a return.


As I don't really want to have to send my PSU to the Netherlands( because of time and cost) is there anything else I can do about my problems?


Do Corsair cross-ship?


Many thanks

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I tried calling, but there was no one to answer my call :( I'll try again in a bit. I managed to contact Amazon who said they can offer a refund ( or maybe a replacement ), but I realised that will be taking out most of the cabling inside my case. I'll wait to see if the Corsair people can tell me what to do :P


Edit: managed to get through. The guy said that it might just be the sound of the fan rpm slowing down, and shouldn't be a problem. He also said I can test this by putting my PC case on a soft surface, and also observing the PSU whilst under load, and idling.


Many thanks!

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