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Corsair HX650 Chirping


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I just got my Corsair HX650 from NewEgg and used it to build my new machine.


It is now doing the infamous Chirping on spin up and down of the fan.


I have tried all of the noise reduction tricks and have also tried the test's listed in the sticky thread.


I can not go without my computer so I can't very well just take this thing out and ship it off for weeks on end.


- What do you guys suggest?

- Are there ANY HX650's that don't have this problem? Searching the internet leads me to believe there aren't.....

- Is it possible to get bumped to a HX750 (or another unit that is at least 650 watt, modular, and doesn't suffer from this issue) as a replacement unit and just send back the HX650 once the different modeled replacement arrives? If so, Can I just get the base unit and use the current HX650 modular cables?


Thanks for your time, this is my first Corsair purchase and so far it is less than stellar heh.

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