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Question regarding Corsair's pre-sleeved kits.


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I noticed Corsair now also have pre-sleeved kits for allmost all PSU's.


But I noticed something with the pre-sleeved kits, especially ATX and PCIe sleeved cables. There are no capacitors on them? While the original cables do have them?


What's up with this? Can we conclude the capacitors are not really needed?


Reason for asking this, is that, though I really like the pre-sleeved kits, I don't see the colors that I want to use with my new build. So I was wondering if we really need those caps on cables like ATX and PCIe?


I read somewhere they are needed, while others stated they are not needed. And as far as I can tell on the pre-sleeved Corsair kits they aren't there either...?


Can someone clarify this permantly for me?

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