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Corsair Obsidian 550D Issues


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I guess I just want to vent some frustration here on the forums.


I purchased my case online on 01/23/2013 and my case arrived early, scheduled date was 01/29/2013, but instead it showed up today, 01/26/2013.


I thoroughly inspected the box and packaging for any holes, dents, misc shipping bruises. There were none.


As I began unpacking my Case, I set it upright on my bed and the side fan cover fell off. I thought nothing of it at first, but when I tried to put it back on, it wouldn't click into place.


After inspecting the fan cover one of the tabs and the locking pin at the top were broke clean off.


Further inspection of the case revealed a plate on the back was bent slightly; the side with the broken fan cover will not lock into place, the whole side panel is tweaked about 1/8th inch, so only the front of the side panel will lock into place.


I really don't want to RMA the whole case as I really can't afford the return shipping, I basically need a full side panel with fan cover (left side looking from front).


I read and watched so many amazing reviews of this case and was very disappointed that the side panel and fan cover are both defective.


Oh, thought I should mention I've already submitted a ticket on the first issue, waiting for a response before I add the whole side panel to the ticket.





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Well my HX750 and other parts finally showed up, so I built my new PC, waiting for the side panel to arrive, currently my case is a little noisy after adding to AF120s to the mix. The giant vent in the side where the fan cover is missing might be part of the noise. Hope the side panel that arrives doesn't have any defects.
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Replacement parts have shown up damaged, this is such a fun experience. I blame this one mostly on UPS, but they should have caught it 3 checkpoints ago.


Have already contacted Technical Support and they're shipping out Panel #2 *crosses fingers*.







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What CPU Cooler are you using?


Could there be interference?


Do you have any side fans under the cover?


(Silly questions, I know - but thought I'd ask anyway...)


I'm using stock AMD Heatsink/Fan and no fans on the side panel, this issue has been like this from day one.


Just talked to Corsair Technical Support, they said the chassis is bent, so I am doing an Advance RMA, new case will be here Thursday. This has been one wild ride, wish the QA at the factory was better, I don't blame Corsair, stuff happens.

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