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headset issue


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BTW have the exact same break in the same place on my 2000 but mine broke thru and the right earphone is just dangling now. Only had my 2000 for 10 days, and have been treating it with kid gloves. Was not even touching it when it snapped was just sitting here wearing it and it broke thru with no stress on it other than my head which isnt that bloody big. Pretty sad panda most expensive headset I've ever had and doesnt even last 2 weeks.


FYI its pretty obvious to me that the inner screw plate needs to be metal. The swivel of the headphone is causing a micro-stress fracture across the plastic in its weakest point where the plastic is stretched during pressing to form the raised channel for the pivot dongle. If you want to eliminate this instantly just make that inner screw plate metal or at the very least reinforced across it with a metal wrap around band.

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