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H100i and Windows 8


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So, i just finished putting all my hardware together, and have finally gotten eveything installed.


I've got the two fans from my h100i plugged into the first Socket on the pump.


I've also got case fans at the front and rear of the case plugged into socket 2.


My Radeon, and ssd / hdd's are also registering temperatures.


So.. that's CPU temp, Rad temp, hdd 1, 2 and 3, and GPU temp.


and pump rpm, radeon rpm, and fan 1 2 3 4 rpm's. ..


that's 11 items. ? right. (ok. and LED colour)


So I've rebooted my machine a few times..


I decided to fire up Corsair Link, and have that running on my second screen, whilst playing (in this case Dayz) on my first...


only to find that there are about 70 fans and pumps listed .

all flashing red, as they're at 0 rpm.




Any suggestions as to why?


The one's i've re-named are still where i left them, it's just the 50 or so others that are confusing me.




Secondly, the only reason i didnt pick up a cooling and lighting kit, (and two side fans), is that they were out of stock.


if i connect the Link comander up, can i run the digital link cable from the pump to the commander, and just have the one usb port being used?

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You can right click the invalid devices and click hide. Or delete the profiles folder and sierra2_ui.cfg from %Appdata%/Corsair and see if that helps.


Yes, If you have the Commander unit, you can run the LINK Digital cable to the Commander unit and only have 1 USB 2.0 internal header plugged in.

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Dang are you over clocked by 3000% to have 70 fans lol the fans WILL all ways ramp up at first until the profile gets loaded. no way around this that I know of yet. The transition between the mobo to the link for a short period the fans ramp up (just in case) once the link knows temps it will slow them down. This takes a few seconds for the link to get a grip on temp and speed.
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