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Faulty memory and RMA


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I have a faulty memory stick from my 8gb CML8GX3M2A 1600c9 (2x4gb). I contact the company that sold me the memory (PC Case Gear in Australia) and they were insistent that I send back BOTH sticks at once as they cannot do anything with just the faulty stick, warranty wise.


I can't do that as I need my PC running for work. It has already cost me a lot of time to fix this problem (formatting windows, researching why I was getting crashed programs, BSODs, etc) and I finally found a faulty stick using Memtest 86+.


I submitted an RMA direct to Corsair (I have the number if you need it) and during the process it said I would be contacted by Corsair but I have only had automated responses (that say DO NOT REPLY) confirming my RMA, approving it and giving details, when what I really want is to speak to someone at Corsair so I can try and sort out this issue.


I would like to be able to send only my broken stick away. How do I actually speak to someone to be able to organise this?

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Mitch, you would need to send in BOTH modules to Corsair as well. This way you get a matched kit in return . So that is why the other place wanted you to send in both modules as well. It's very important that they be matched because two random modules can actually be incompatible with each other.


Since you need a working PC, I would suggest you call CS with your RMA number handy and ask for an advanced replacement so they send you a brand new kit before you need to send in the old defective set. You can find the number at the bottom of the main website page under Company>contact.http://www.corsair.com/us/company/contact There is a toll free number and since you are out of the US, you can instal and use SKYPE to make the call for nothing.


Please note they are closed until monday , so you would need to wait until then to get a hold of anyone. In addition you can check the header at the top of the forums and that will let you know if their support is open or not.


Hope that clears things up for you and if you have any further questions, ask away!:)

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