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500R usb 3.0 failed


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ok guys, I bought a carbide 500r in june last year, and it was working perfectly.

but about one month ago, one of usb 3.0 from the front panel failed.

I formatted my pc 3 times and the problem was not corrected.

I verified the cables inside the case, but they are working and and in a good state, not cutted.

I read some topics, where people realtes some issues with frontal panel in cases from corsair.

what sould I do ?

I tried many solutions but the problem continues.

I oppened a RMA request.



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well the situation was resolved.

The Corsair send me a part to change.

from start, the situation was complicated, but with an email and a good information, became easy to me see that corsair is concerned with theirs cients.

when I receive the part and change it in my case I back to report the end of rma.

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well, I received my products today, and I have to say that corsair is awesome.

but, I was taxed in R$ 30,93.

was it correct ?

or the free shipment doesnt' have nothing about brazilian rules in customs ?

anyway, I finish this process of RMA .

thanks guy.

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