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H80 and H80i use same Backplate?


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Hello there


I would like to know if the new H80i uses the same Backplate and Mounting Screws like the H80 did (LGA1155).


I'm asking this because I might uprade my H80 to the H80i and try to avoid removing the Motherboard for the Installation if possible.


My H80 works fine but does this odd pump noise and since the H80i performs a little better i'm about to order, just need to know this please.


Thanks in Advance

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Thanks for the replies


I looked up a few reviews of both trying to find pics of the backplates:








Looks somewhat identical but I couldn't tell for sure. I will see if I can reach the backplate, my case (Silverstone FT-02) has a window behind the CPU for an easier installation of coolers. The length of the mounting screws might be important as well I better compare both once the H80i arrived.


Offtopic question: Is the Corsair Link just an optional feature? I have no plans to install any extra software, fans would be running at 100% or lowered by resistors.


Thanks again and best regards

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There only two differences between those bracket kits, the H80 backplate will support socket 775 and the H80i will not but you can use the H80 backplate using the H80i if your MB is socket 775. The H80i bracket kit comes with the magnetic retention bracket that holds the pump and the H80 kit does not.
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