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Almost done with my rig... H80i, Vengeance, AF120's and SP120's

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So it all starts with a box.



IMG_1610 by veloceracing, on Flickr



IMG_1612 by veloceracing, on Flickr



IMG_1620 by veloceracing, on Flickr


Mountain Mods H2GO Case ready to go in black wrinkle powdercoat.



IMG_1634 by veloceracing, on Flickr

SP120's, motherboard with i5-3570K and 16gb of Vengeance ram loaded and ready to go.



IMG_1639 by veloceracing, on Flickr

Installed OCZ 850w ZX PSU, Xigmatek fan controllers and PNY GTX680.



IMG_1640 by veloceracing, on Flickr

Side Shot.



IMG_1650 by veloceracing, on Flickr

Power cables run.



IMG_1660 by veloceracing, on Flickr

SSD installed in bracket.



IMG_1662 by veloceracing, on Flickr

HDD installed in mount.



IMG_1663 by veloceracing, on Flickr

SSD and HDD in the mount.



IMG_1664 by veloceracing, on Flickr

And Mounted to the fan!



IMG_1666 by veloceracing, on Flickr

When reassembling the case, I used black thumb screws instead of...



IMG_1632 by veloceracing, on Flickr

All the chrome jobbers.



IMG_1669 by veloceracing, on Flickr

This is how she sat for a little while.


Continued in part 2.

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So after a while I wanted to watercool. Wanted to do the whole custom loop thing (and I still do) but decided to hold off for a while. Decided to grab an H80 like I installed in a friends computer. Seen here:



IMG_1918 by veloceracing, on Flickr


Much to my surprise the H80i was out!


So I snagged one and I put it in my rig. Had a little snafu with the Firmware...Returned it and got a new one:



Corsair H80i Detail by veloceracing, on Flickr

Looks pretty slick inside there.


And while I had the bug to watercool I got the bug for SLI:



Side Shot Open by veloceracing, on Flickr

Dual 680's!



Front Shot 3/4 by veloceracing, on Flickr

Here she is all buttoned up.



Rear Shot 3/4 by veloceracing, on Flickr

Back shot.



Top Shot by veloceracing, on Flickr

And the topshot in all the Watercooled SLI glory.


Full Specs:

Case: Mountain Mods H2Go with large window top and H window Side

Case Cooling: 5X Corsair SP120 Quiet Editions and 2X Corsair AF120 Quiet Editions

Case Fan Control: Xigmatec Manual Fan Controllers

Processor: Intel i5-3570K (4.6GHZ Overclock)

Processor Cooling: Corsair H80i

Motherboard: Gigabyte G1.Sniper M3 Z77 M-ATX

Ram: 16GB Corsair Vengeance (2x 8GB)

Video Cards: 2x PNY GTX680 Enthusiast Edition

Power Supply: OCZ ZX Series 850W

Hard Drive 1: Crucial M4 128 GGB SSD

Hard Drive 2: Toshiba 5400 RPM 500GB HDD

Optical Drive: DVD Burner (unsure of brand)


And don't worry I'm putting this to good use on my sim racing rig:



IMG_1435 by veloceracing, on Flickr

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