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M90 Side Buttons Not Working


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hey guys :)


well i got my M90 this afternoon (about 14 hours ago lol) and i have been tryin to get my side buttons to work but with no sucess. i installed it all correctly firmware then software, and then proceeded in creating a profile and then assigning the buttons with keystrokes ( numbers 1-9) and then assigned it an application and then a number LED in the manage profiles section and saved it to the M90


after all that was done i checked the hardware playback box and opened up my game but none of the buttons worked :(, so i started searching the forums to try and see what was up and after tryin many things nothing seems to be working. after reading lordlobo's thread and seeing how mnay people it had help i thought for sure it was gonna work for me but sadly not


i have tried uninstalling and installing so many times i have lost count and applying fresh firmware the same amount of times :(


on the software configuration program the information says this:


USB Mouse:



Manufacturer: Corsair

Product: Corsair Vengeance M90 Mouse

Firmware: 3.01

Windows: Windows 8 64bit


also now the back light where the corsair logo is, is not shining neither is button 4's LED, and the LED's on the left and side which indicate what profile is active it has the top and bottom LEDs shining


i hope that some1 can help cause i really like the design and the feel of the mouse and i just want it to work :)


if u need any extra info just ask


thx in advance Anth



P.S. my computer is brand new and i have all drivers etc uptodate :)


P.S.S. the cursor also likes to go for a little wander from time time to time lol

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