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Force 3 128GB SSD Mac OS X 10.7.4


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Hi guys,


About an half year ago I've bought a Corsair Force 128 SSD disk for my MacBook Pro. Before I read some product reviews of it and had really high expectations.


The package was received and the SSD was ready to be installed. I have made a copy of my hard disk with Carbon Copy Cloner and restored it on the brand new SSD, used TRIM Enabler to enable TRIM and the SSD was ready to be used.


At the beginning I noticed a clear difference in speed. After a while I was really curious about the actual speed of the SSD so I installed Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.


The results of that test were very low;




What is the matter? Where can this to be?


Someone who knows where this could lie to? Otherwise it's a waste of my money.

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