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Corsair M90 - wheel malfunctioning


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On 21-04-2012, I received my 'Corsair Vengeance M90 Gaming Mouse - Laser'. I got this mouse almost a year now.


I have been very satisfied with this purchase: the mouse feels really great and the buttons are easy to reach. I also love the design.


Since a week or 3, the wheel of this mouse is malfunctioning.

Looking at the outside of the mouse, nothing seems wrong. The wheel isn't squeaking or doesn't feel broken at all.




I can only see the problem as an output result on the screen.

Problem: The screen output is not accordingly to the input I give with the mouse wheel.


Example scenario:

I'm at a page with a scroll bar; for example facebook or 9gag.


If I scroll up (physically): Then I actually scroll up/down (randomly) on the webpage.


The sensibility of the wheel seems also broken.

So I could do 1 little scroll, and I end up at the bottom of the page. While it would normally take me 10 scrolls to end up at the bottom.


If try to click with the mouse wheel, then I end up moving up/down on the webpage.


I have the feeling this problem is getting worse each week. Could be my temper though :p

The other functions of the mouse: button, lights and laser are still working perfectly.

I never dropped the mouse or did anything that could have resulted in the malfunctioning of the mouse wheel.




I still have my warranty, but I bought the mouse on the internet. So giving the mouse away to fix it would approximation take 3 weeks. I am not really willing to do that, only as a last possibility.


I don't know if I putted this thread in the right forum section, so apologize if I didn't.


Is there a way I can fix this myself? Should I re-install the drivers? However, this looks like a hardware problem to me.


For starters, how do I even open this mouse? There are no screws :/


Thanks in advance

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opening the mouse will void your warranty. there is a RMA link on the left of this page too ask for another mouse. in some cases if you call Corsair they will do a advanced RMA so you won't be without a mouse or you can just buy a cheap $5.00 mouse at a local store until you get your replacement. the RMA with Corsair should be fast as I don't think they will repair the mouse I think they will give you a new one but Corsair will have too confirm that.
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