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Vengeance 2000 - Microphone Driver Conflict?

Floro Flores

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I have this problem, when I try to use microphone don't works. It's hard to explain in english :D: , i have 2-3 seconds freeze in Teamspeak and Skype panel control when i try to configure microphone, if i calling echo sound for a test, the calling going down after 1 sec. In Teamspeak my microphone is in automatic disabled. After this, i installed a new win7 (i use win7 pro 64bit) in another partition, and the microphone works!

I used on my system plantronics plug&play headphones, is it possible a driver conflict? I can't disinstall driver because i haven't any software, it was only plug&play. I deleted any plantronics voice in the windows register, but it not worked. Audio works perfectly, is there a solution? or have i to format? :(

Sorry for my english


my specs

mb asus p8z68-v

i5 2500k

8gb ram

geforce 560ti EVGA

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