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1200i Not identified in corsair link


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Hey everybody,


I have been having a problem with corsair link regarding my psu. I have it properly installed with the usb dongle plugged into the motherboard and the back of the power supply, but yet when I check corsair link, for some reason it shows my cpu, and my gpu, but the psu is no where to be found.


I updated my bios on my Sabertooth x79 and am running on windows 7 HP, any ideas?

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Have you tried reinstalling the LINK USB Dongle Drivers?


Programs and Features

Corsair Link USB Dongle..... > Uninstall.


Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CorsairLink 2\Drivers and double click CorsairUsbDongle.exe and it should install the drivers.


Load up the dashboard and see if it's detected.


If not, delete the profiles and see if that helps.


Windows Key + R type this %appdata%\Corsair

Delete the profiles folder and sierra2_ui.cfg


Load the dashboard and see if the AXi is detected.


If not,

Check Device manager and see if there are any errors under the device.

Latest drivers/BIOS?

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One issue that I have ran into on some of the newer MB's both AMD and Intel is the the USB 2.0 Ports seem to be running off of the USB 3.00 Controller and will not function properly until the Chipset and USB 3.0 Drivers are installed. So please be sure to install all MB and Chipset Drivers and rtun Windows Update and install everything that is listed.
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I'm also having issue, I just purchased a AX-1200i and I reformated installed all the drivers, everything was running fine(psu was active in corsairlink) but my CPU cooler (thermaltake water 2.0 extreme) wasnt working. I found out that I missed one driver (Intel® Management Engine Interface). and now its the opposite my corsairlink wont work and my CPU cooler works fine.


I'm currently have asus x79 Sabertooth mobo win7 64bit.

Any help would be appreciated.

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yeah reinstalled corsair software and now both corsair and thermaltake wont work, I also deleted the files in appdata and nothing. when I open corsairlink a get all the other readings except the power tab section, which is one of the main reason i got this psu.
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