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Kernel Data Inpage Error caused by wrong BIOS setting?


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When I start my computer often I get Kernel Data Inpage Error. So I checked My harddisc as well as my RAM. No problems found.


The RAM speed is 1.600 Mhz. When I looked in the BIOS the RAM speed was 1.333 Mhz. So I changed it to 1.600 Mhz. Could this change causes the Kernel Data Inpage Error?

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Absolutly, if all you changed was the speed.


Please look for a setting in your BIOS called XMP and enable it!


That will set your memory to 1600mhz along with adjusting other necessary voltages along with timings and speed.


It will be in the AITweaker/Overclocker or advanced tab in your BIOS.

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