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Suggest Compatible Memory 4 GBx1 1600Mhz for Intel DB75EN


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Dear Team,

Please help me to buy right memory for my Intel DB75EN with CPU i5-3550 3.3 Ghz 3rd gen.

And I have tried to search in Memory Finder but it is not listed.


Which is most suitable/tested/compatible single module 4 GB DDR3 1600?

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You could use any of the Vengeance ,Dominator or XMS modules rated at 1.5v with that CPU MB.


Since your MB is not listed in the memory finder, you may want to call Intel and confirm or give you a list of compatible modules.


All of the modules i listed are compatible with that CPU , but since the board is not listed they would not be tested on that specific MB



BTW, why one single 4 gig module?

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Well, to be honest, I really don't know. What I can tell you is that they do try to test as many boards as possible, but with so many of them on the market it would be literally impossible for them to test them all. And if it's a board that may not be all that popular, it may be overlooked.


But that is purely speculation on my part!

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