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H80i Corsair link 2.20 - Not Working as Expected !!?!!


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Someone can describe me what is "Default Mode" behaviour of the fans in Relation to the Temperature. By default the stay at ≃600 RPM, but it never changes independently on the Temperature or CPU load.


Also the other Fan profiles don't work either.


Reinstalled everything on Windows 7 x64(previously on Windows 8 x64).

This is a fresh install, but the Corsair system is not working as it should.


Default Temp is 24 °C, on full load it goes very fast to 65 °C (It's Winter time right now...this is going to be a problem when temperature will be around 30°/40° in Summer).


Only thing that seems to work is setting a threshold temperature for CPU TEMP (I set it at 40° C) and setting as ACTION : Put all FANS at MAXIMUM when the threshold is reached...looks like is the only thing it's working...and by the way it works only if the Corsair Link 2 GUI Program is running, If I close that, fan speed will remain to what I set them at, usually means 600 on Default, .


Also the CPU Temp and other parameters sampling is not efficient as in CPUID Hardware Monitor application, probably because of the Low thread priority.


Indeed If I run LinX testing I must end up lowering the priority of the subprocess(linpack_xeon64.exe) else the 40°C action will not trigger, because sampling will almost never happen.


I cannot change priority of the Main GUI APP (Sierra2.exe).


One hard drive sampled temperature is wrong (128 °C).


Corsair Led not respecting color rules I set up.

For sure there are incoherent temperatures relevations by the hardware(I think I can demonstrate this with logfile.csv).


There are problems probably due to multiple temperature internal variables that have different values at the same time, indeed for example If I set in LED MODE TEMPERATURES: 20(Blue) - 30(Green) - 57(Red) If I go to 65 °C temp it will look like if it's always on around 20 or slight more °C.


Also logged result samples look different from Graphed Samples both on CPU Temp and H80i Fan3/4 RPMs.


I will use this computer mostly as a 3D Rendering Environment and the cooling system is not working as it should, and could end in harming my computer


System Version 2.2.0

Corsair Hydro USB is 2.0.

Firmware is 1.0.4.

It looks like it is not working correctly and indipendently from the High Level Programming software.


I can post additional screenshots and logs, but first I want to know if this has happened to other people and if they found any solution.


Further Tests:

Unless the fan speed depends on the Water temperature sampled temperature, this looks like very odd ! Which actually looks like it could be, as in default mode after 2 minutes of LinX fan Speed increased to around 700.


Can someone clarify all these relevations.

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Thanks for these infos, going to try it right now.


Test Passed:

Thanks, it works as you said.


A few questions::


It still looks like that controlling the fan speed is process priority dependant, that is a higher priority process takes control of the CPU and the FAN control delays until the CPU Context changes giving resources to the Sierra Services.


Now, is the last profile I saved embedded in the firmware ?

I mean, if I uninstall the program and services, will it behave accordingly to my latest changes, and also become independent of the CPU Priority of the CPU Loader Process ? Or it would still depend on that ? Meaning it's useless to uninstall the Corsair Link App/Services ?

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I suggest not un installing anything unless you are fed up with the software or are having major issues, rather disable the services. You can change the process priority to high, or real time to get a faster response, although as long as you don't have anything running that would use 100% cpu for a extended period of time. If you uninstall the app and services then why have the program, a uninstall is just that, it cleans everything out. As far as I know it does not work like some programs that will let you uninstall the program and keep settings in case of reinstall. Heck the link had a hard time keeping settings while it was installed. Hope this helps.
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The two programs may be conflicting with each other.


The CPU temp in Corsair LINK is an average of the individual temps.


CL software uses the same WMI info that other programs pull from. For our single temp point given, it is actually the average of the individual cores. Unless you have a program that specifically does this as well you wont see an exact match. Most monitoring programs will have CPU (Socket), CPU (package), and CPU cores. CL would not match any of those.

Source: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showpost.php?p=595544&postcount=7

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GJ toasted, "Most asus boards " use the highest and lowest core temp for display depending on you software, and most software only looks at the highest temp, rarely do you see the lowest temp so this is the true value of the cpu dependent on the core with the highest value (not average)

FYI Toasted and wytnyt your not on corsairs payroll yet why? For all the support you should at least get a ham for Christmas.

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FYI Toasted and wytnyt your not on corsairs payroll yet why? For all the support you should at least get a ham for Christmas.


i dont help for corsairs benefit,i help for the benefit of others that are in the same boat that i was in when i had problems.i like being able to help others and receive no compensation from corsair but a thank you from those i help is what its all about.

im actually getting ready to buy the h110 and drop my h80,not that it isnt working well as it is

but im going with a 3960 and dropping the 2600,itll help my new build and hopefully others

can be helped when im familiar with it.

try helping,its actually rewarding

and i know you still arent convinced

i operate little trucks like these




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