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cracked vengance 2000


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so unfortunately my V2000 has developed a series of cracks in the plastic headback where the earpads connect to the headband. One of them so bad that it broke right across the headband...now the problem I've got is that I really really needed the headset and didnt have a replacement so I glued across the crack to keep is usable over the weekend when I needed it...which worked.


But has me glueing it back together invalidated the warranty on it now?

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I've got 2 questions:


firstly how can I go about setting this up from an advanced RMA replacement, credit card at the ready just need to know how and who to speak to


second as I posted elsewhere I had to glue the broken piece back together to get me through a weekend event I was attending, the headset has also now cracked in other places but has my glueing it voided the warranty?


Thanks in advance for the help

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