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disgruntled h80i and h80 owner!


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I've had it with waiting for this fix, it been 3 months since i purchased this h80i, since day one its been faulty!

I was told to try the 1.04 firmware fix.... for it to fix one problem and introduce another.

I had to go out and buy 2 brand new sp120's because the noise of the fans that came with the unit was driving me insane, then to add insult to injury i have to pay shipping to corsair if i want to rma :mad:

I'm returning this faulty piece of crap to overclockers.co.uk for a full refund.

And to top it all off an H80 that is installed in another rig has just decided to crap out on me....the fans have started spinning at max speed and cant change the speed with the profile button, in bios the pump revs are at 4000rpm tried the firmware reset to no avail!

I've always bought corsair ram, coolers, and power supplies, but to be frank im absolutely disgusted with the way corsair have gone about fixing this problem!

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