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Warranty for H100?

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My corsair H100 just failed me today.

it still works but only the right side of the fan works.

the left side on of the fan isnt working

and the middle part where i can manual control the fans doesnt light on fully only like half of it is light one. likes its not getting enough power

but i have a,850ax fully modular power supply.which says it works perfectly. when i checked using a Power tester or w.e you call them

so its not the power supply or the MB.


and 2nd problem. i didnt know the problem till i been getting alot of BSOD lately.

im afraid that my MB or my Processer may have been fried do to a failed fans.


cause of the lack of airflow that corsair 800D give.


the question i have are does corsair compensate. for my lost of processer or MB if it was known that fault was with the Water cooling.im sure its jsut the processer cause my MB can still be turned on but gets BSODs once and a while.

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i havnt checked, but its pretty high up there.and i wouldnt wanna damamge my computer any more so i wont turn it on till i get it rma

i mean besides the BSOD. sometimes one of the cores would skyrocket, like 1~6 is running at 5% idle, and one of the cores 3 or 5 would sometimes just randomly spike to 100% lagging my system.but when i press ctrl,alt delete i wouldnt lag as much but if i enter windows desktop again it would lag till i reboot/restart my computer.


other times its like my screen would crash on me. and my computer would just auto restart. been happening for a while now. and i didnt know what was wrong. till a few days ago.

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and my processor is fried or the MB is.

and cant afford a new one, Had anyone had problems with there h100 besides me?

Cause i dont wanna buy a new MB or processer and have this happen to me again in another year.

cant afford another break down of the H100

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  • Corsair Employees
Please contact our Customer service and explain the situation they will likely get you with our customer service and provide a damage claim form if the H100 was the cause of the failing CPU. However, if it was properly installed I cant see how that would have happened.
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yeah i asked, they said nothing they can do about it,unless it was caused by a leak. i mean i can even send them my processor to check. but they said they wouldnt check it.

and both of my MB and Processer isnt backing there warranty.

so i contacted amazon. and they only fixed my MB. so ill test the processer to see if that is the problem if it is, guess im SOOL

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