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Corsair RMA experience

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Hello everyone, not sure if I'm posting this in the right section, but here is my story.


I had always been a fan of Corsair and was always satisfied with their quality products.


One day I found out my PSU had a pop noise when I turned it on and the power light on my computer would blink once when the pop noise comes up, so I followed the RMA process and sent in my PSU. I asked Corsair for a prepaid shipping label and they sent me one without asking any questions.


Got my package from UPS this week and opened it, WOW! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Corsair sent me a brand new newer model PSU! I'm so happy and this was totally unexpected judging by my experiences with RMAs and the PSU I sent in was old.


The customer service experience I had with other major brand companies(not gonna mention their names but I think you guys know who they are) were simply not on par with Corsair. I was extremely busy with school and exams during my RMA request period and these guys were soo patient with my late replies(sometimes I reply a week later) and the overall experience was outstanding.


Thank you corsair and I will continue to support you guys!

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