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handle of M65 & 95

Oda Toranaga

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Hi everyone,


i'm going to buy an M65 or 95 but i have few question:


1) i grip the mice like the second image:




are the m65\95 good mice for me?



i play a lot of FPS but also RTS, (fifty-fifty) :biggrin:, which mouse do you recommend?



sorry for my eng but i'm italian...

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Actually the m60 it's more a claw grip...

unless you have hands really small!!!

btw i had a palm grip mouse before and was nice...but this is another thing with FPS...

i love this mouse...i also bought another one as backup...exactly 1 day before the presentation of the new M65...but idc...i don't need 82000dpi...5700 are already too much!!

questo mouse è fantastico amico!!

ma se preferisci l'altra impugnatura ti consiglio il razer deathadder o il cm sentinell 2(che ha lo stesso sensore laser del M65) o ancora meglio, quesllo che sembra il migliore di tutti:

mionix naos 8200 ... bellissimo!!!

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