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Can I use Indigo Xtreme with the H80i


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Hi all


As the title suggests I would like some advice on using Indigo Xtreme with a new H80i which I have not yet installed.


I have my FX8350 OC'd to 5Ghz and its running a little warmer than I would like using my now rather old H60 - which dont get me wrong has served me admirably now for a while!


My concern in around the re-flow process....Im not sure if the design on the block lends itself to being able to properly seal the block to allows this process to happen - last thing I want is it leaking on to my mobo! The instructions seem to suggest not using it unless the block has some kind of spring mechanism which of course these dont.


Im also concerned about taking the cpu to 90+ degrees....and even more concerned that it could goose the pump!


Has anyone tried this....is it worth trying or shall I just stick to some normal compound instead?



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