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2x GTX560 non-TI in SLI on the TX650?


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Hey, Corsair forums.


Looking to upgrade my PC in the fairly soon future & need it to be 'fairly' futureproof (i.e. until at least 2015 or 2016). I'll probably be changing out a few components & adding in some, the key bits should look similar to this when it's done:


- ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

- i5 3570k

- 1tb samsung HDD/250ssd

- 8-16-32 gb of RAM, depending on where I get it from & how cheap it is

- 2x GTX560 Non-TI SLI


However, I'm on the fence about the 2x 560s part. I say this because #1 there's very little material on google relating to the 560SLI on a TX650, it's all the 560Ti & #2 the TX650 doesn't have 4x PCI-E 6+2s, although it does have enough molex connectors to use an adaptor.


Would this be considered alright? Would using 2 adaptors (mol->PCIx6) on 4x molex connectors be 'viable' (see: safe)?


Thanks for the help in advance.

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Well, the 560's may use up t0 150 -190w peak for each card. Then add in the rest of your system components. I would suggest no less than a 750w PSU for that system otherwise the PSU may be running stressed most of the time with just 650w



Cheers for the answer, according to this article/review by guru3d they found that the peak load with a power hungry i7 (max TDP 130w) was approximately 449W with the two cards using up 308w of that power. Surely that would leave, with a slightly lower end system + more efficient processor (3570k = 77wTDP) + no OCing on the system, about 200w left 'spare' for the PSU?




What do you think of those findings? Again, thanks for your help so far.

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Your running a z77 board with SLI which would be considered a high end system. And even they recommend at least a 700w PSu. And 800-1000w if you plan on OC'ing.


I guess it's really up to you..But I would suggest no less than 700w too. 200w really isn't that much left over ,especially if you planning on any upgrades in the future.

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