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On my second K90 RMA, help me out corsair =/


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Just submitted RMA 5518454


Any chance of an advanced RMA? i got this thing on christmas, and have used it for 3 days total between 2 K90's already =( my patience for shipping has expired.


First K90 had a dead LED (on the G key)

Second K90 was bricked by firmware update.

PLEASE corsair, I absolutely love your computer parts, but my M90 mouse has a ton of bugs i would love to see fixed, and this K90 failures thing is killing me =/.


I would absolutely love to have a K90 that simply works like its supposed to. if i cant get an advanced RMA, or if the third one fails, ill be requesting a refund and going elsewhere =( trust me, i dont want to do this. =.(

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